My Airplane Essentials


I just returned from my trip to London. It was my first time travelling to the west side of the globe so I was pretty darn excited. The downside of the trip was the 13 hours flight time. I can’t survive a 7 hour flight, let alone a 13 hour flight?!?! How in the world am I going to survive?


I did.

Here are some of my tips for a long-haul flight:


1. Comfort > Style

Hoodies, leggings and sneakers or joggers are your best friends. Seriously. I never understood those heel wearers on a plane. Like what happens if the plane crashes?

No one’s going to notice what you wear on a plane, so why not go in your comfiest outfit?

Furthermore, airplane temperature varies, so to prevent from freezing or getting too hot, hoodies will execute the job just perfectly.

For me, I like to be comfortable on planes and leggings don’t restrict leg movement unlike skinny jeans. If you still want that “jean look” you can always opt for jeggings. I personally love the ones from H&M because they’re comfortable and they’re at an affordable price!


2. Stay hydrated and bring your own snacks

For some reason, airplanes “suck” the moisture out of our skin. Thus, it is essential that we drink lots and lots of water to replenish the water loss and prevent dehydration. Most airplanes would provide a bottle on water inflight however if they don’t, you can always bring a small empty bottle with you onto the plane and ask the air stewardess to top it up.

Snacks like whole fruits e.g. bananas or apples or some nuts can even be brought onto the plane. During my flight with Singapore Airlines, we only got served 2 meals and they were literally 6 – 9 hours apart. I was starving midway through the flight! Unbelievable! Thank god we brought our own crackers and nuts to prevent death on the plane…


3. Charge ’em up!

Some planes may have a USB port for you to charge your electronics. If not, be sure to charge all your electronics before boarding.

Games, music or videos will keep you entertained throughout the flight if there aren’t any good movies… which leads me on to my next point


4. Books or magazines

If nothing techy turns out right pack a good book! It can be a novel, a crossword or a magazine! Books are your best friends!


5. Special meals!

You guys may find it weird but I actually quite enjoy airplane food! Especially the bread and butter. 😋

On long-haul flights, try to avoid foods that are hard to digest and foods that contain gases e.g. soft drinks, onion, garlic, potato etc. Try to consume “lighter meals” i.e. those with lots of veggies and fruits!

Also, to avoid having to wait for your food, request for a special meal which i’m pretty sure every airline (except budget airlines) offer!


6. Choose your seat wisely!

When selecting your seat, conduct some research on sites like SeatGuru or SeatExpert. These are sites where people post reviews on seats. It’ll definitely allow you to separate the good and the bad.

Another tip is to pick the ones at the back. I had seats further to the back which allowed me to walk to the galley and perform some “exercises” and stretches.

Also, choose the isle seats so you can get up without disrupting anyone!


7. Exercise on air?

Wait what? Yes! That’s possible! It is vital you continuously stretch your muscles during a long haul flight especially if you have a squishy seat with limited leg room! Here are a couple of stretches/ exercises you can do/ I did in the air:

  • Calf raises:
    Works your calf muscles
  • Step-ups on the staircase of a double-decker plane:
    Works your thighs and your glutes
  • Wall sits:
    Works your thighs
  • Squats:
    Works everything!
  • “Tricep dips”:
    Works your triceps. Place both hands on either side of the arm chair and push yourself up from your seat and slowly lower back down
  • Side leg raises:
    Works your legs, core and glutes.
  • Side crunches:
    Works your core
  • Side lunges
  • Various arm stretches
  • Quad stretch
  • Neck rolls


8. Plan wisely

I have this theory that night flights = empty (kinda) flights. This will give you the opportunity to rush* to an empty row, allowing you to lie down and get comfy throughout the flight.

*By rush I literally mean sprint. It’ll be gone in a blink of an eye! Trust me.

Another tip i’ve heard is that if you’re travelling in a pair, leave a space in between your two chosen seats because who would want to pick an in-between seat? This will increase the chances of getting 3 seats to yourselves! A bit selfish I know but… hehehe


9. Loyal

Stay loyal to your airline! Earn enough points to get a cheaper of maybe even a free upgrade to a better cabin!


10. Be nice!

Lastly, be considerate and respectful to everyone on board! Don’t lean your seat back too far because it affects the person behind you; Be nice to the air stewards/ stewardess – they’re tired so they may be a little slow at times, just be patient! And for crying out loud, don’t kick the seat in front of you!!

Well that’s it! I hope you guys found this list useful. Comment down below any other tips that i’ve left out! Stay tuned for more posts 🙂

Happy holidays!



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