Winter Looks

Winter is upon us (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) and here are just a few of my favourite winter looks!

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Usual outfit occurrences I noticed included:

Leather Jackets – They are super effective in elevating a simple outfit. Whack one on and the outfit immediately bumps up the scale of coolness. Zara has some pretty cool leather jackets however they are quite expensive. H&M has some at a much affordable place.

Ankle/ Knee-High Boots – I absolutely love ankle boots. They are extremely versatile and can be worn throughout the year. They can be purchased from I think almost any shop at pretty reasonable prices.
As for knee-high boots, I prefer the ones that aren’t too flimsy. I saw one in Stuart Weitzman that looked pretty firm but it was expensive!! Ahhhhh

Bomber Jacket – These are the in-things at the moment. I reckon they look like the trendier version of parkas (i’d rather wear a bomber jacket). You can purchase them from Bershka or H&M, all at affordable prices.

Long Coats – I’ve always been a fan of long coats. They keep me warm but at the same time makes me feel powerful and strong. Zara has a nice one. Morgan de Toi, a French clothing brand has one as well!

Basic Scarfs – The most important clothing for cold weather! It is super important to keep your neck warm to avoid falling sick. I recently bought a wool scarf from H&M. I loved how thick and long it was because it allowed me to style it in different ways. I also have one from Zara as well. Both do the job of keeping me warm but still maintaining a sense of style perfectly! However, because it’s such as common Winter item, you can get it from almost anywhere!

Happy Winter!


*This post was in no-way sponsored from any of the companies mentioned.

**Picture are not mine


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