Killer Core Creator 💪


2017 is right around the corner and it’s time for those New Years Resolutions. One of my New Years resolution is to be healthier. Be it eating properly, getting up for a morning workout or just thinking positively l. I want to make it a goal this year to be the most healthiest and happiest version of myself.

So I thought, why not start now? Why not start with simple ab exercises? Yeah? Just 15 minutes a day! That’s not that hard right? Let’s do this! 💪

Here is a list of my absolutely favourite and effective workouts for your abs:

Low Plank with Hip Dips (Obliques, Lower abs)


  1. Start in an elbow plank
  2. Twist your hip to the left side
  3. Twist your hip to the right side

That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times.

Straight Leg Raises (Lower Abs)


  1. Lie down with…
    • Hands under head OR
    • Hands holding onto something behind you
  2. Raise both legs off the floor, keeping it as straight as possible
  3. Slowly lower down making sure to not touch the floor
  4. Lift back up

That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times.

Bicycles (Obliques)Bicycle-Crunches.jpg

  1. Place hands behind head
  2. Lift both feet slowly off floor
  3. Bring your right elbow and left knee together
  4. Repeat on other side

That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times.

Side Plank and Under (Obliques, Arms)


  1. Start in a side plank
    • Elbows for beginners
    • Hands for advanced
  2. Reach up to the sky with your other hand
  3. Bring it under your armpits

That’s one rep. Repeat 15 times on each side.

“Rocking” Plank Hold (Lower Abs)


  1. Start in an elbow plank
  2. Engage your core and push yourself forward

That’s on rep. React 30 times.

Flutter Kicks (Lower Abs)


  1. Start lying down
  2. Lift both feet off the ground
  3. Raise your right leg and lower back to starting position
  4. Repeat on left leg

That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times.

*The number of reps is totally up to you. The numbers stated are what i’m comfortable with at the moment.




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