Christmas Gift Ideas 🎄

Christmas is in 2 days! If you haven’t already bought your presents, here are some ideas!

Baked Goodsimg_5249

Who can resist yummy cookies! No one!! Bake some christmas cookies or any kind of cookies, put them in little cookie jars and pop a bow on top or put them in cute little christmas plastic wrappers!

Cozy Slippers


Credit to Pretty Providence , all you have to do is get a pair of really really cute slippers, slot some gifts in the slippers and wrap them up with a bow!

DIY Bath Bombsvariety

Ok so this might take a while but it’s better late than never! Learn how to make Lush’s bath bombs right at home here.

Compliment Cards


I like to call these compliment cards.

  1. Get a deck of cards
  2. Stick a piece of paper on the non-number side
  3. Write something nice on it
  4. Once the whole stacks done/ as many as you can possibly think of, hole punch all the cards
  5. Using a ring binder, bind them all together!

Prepared Gift Sets22685404363_d33fe27565_o.jpg

At this time of the year, most shops like LUSH or The Body Shop will be selling cute gift sets. No harm in giving one to someone!

Kitchen Stuffed Oven Mitts


Perfect for those who love the kitchen! Buy a pair of Oven Mitts and stuff it with all sorts of cooking/ baking essentials! How cute!

DIY Gift Wrappers12-11_Creative-Gift-Wrapping_Image-2.png

Not really a christmas gift idea but I think this is pretty awesome. Instead of buying traditional christmas wrappers, why don’t you decorate one!

  1. Get some plain wrapping pair – it can be something like a paper-bag quality wrapping paper to something fancy shmancy! Just as long as it’s plain
  2. Start decorating!

DIY Camera Straps

809a0b798d183dabf6cadc6cba576b02.jpgFor friends who just can’t put that dang camera down! This would be perfect! Click here to read more.

Personalised Coasters


If you’re up North, sipping on a hot cup of tea or chocolate is ideal during christmas! Hence, these personalised coasters would be a perfect gift for someone! Read more here.


Personalised Mugs


Something to go on the coasters would be personalised mugs!

  1. Purchase a plain mug from any store
  2. Using a sharpie of any colour of your choice, start decorating!



DIY Glitter-Dipped Mason Jars


These are extremely pretty and really simple. You can use it for growing plants, storing cookies or stationery, eating oatmeal (I think) ?? ahaha

All you need is:

  • Mason Jar
  • Glossy Spray Paint – any colour you want!
  • Glossy Mod Podge
  • Pain Brush
  • Glitter
  • Bow
  1. Turn the jar upside down
  2. Spray with spray paint. Don’t worry if it’s not completely covered. Let it dry a bit and spray again
  3. Dry for 1 hour
  4. At the bottom section of the jar, brush some mod podge on it and sprinkle with glitter OR if you want the whole jar to sparkle, brush the whole jar with mod podge and sprinkle away!
  5. As a gift, wrap a bow around it!

Christmas Cards


If all else fails, stick to the traditional christmas cards. However, instead of buying christmas cards, why not make your own?!

  1. Get some plain paper/ writing material and cut it or fold it to whatever size and shape you want
  2. Decorate! Here are some ideas:
    • Stick and cut out some different coloured paper/ shapes/ christmas objects on the paper
    • Draw!

Nothing beats a hand-made letter!

Merry Christmas!



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