Calm, Cool and Collected

It’s human nature to overcomplicate simple things; to “want to be in the know” or to poke our heads into somebody else’s business. We tend to forget to KISS. Some of you may know, it stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. This is when we start pulling our hair out and getting all worked up, when in reality, there’s actually no need to!

But fear not, for I am here to help you stay calm, cool and collected with tricks i’ve used during stressful situations. 😊



This is probably one of the most effective ways to get away from the world. Get outdoors! It doesn’t have to be a 5km jog or a hike up mt. everest, walking around the park for 5-10 minutes and breathing in nature is sufficient to ease your mind and put you back in a positive state of mind!

Cardio is best for releasing little happy workers (endorphins) in your body. So if you’re ever feeling down, jump some rope, go out for a jog or do some star jumps! Just as long as it’s got your heart pumping!



Not only is baking relaxing, you get to eat all teh yummy goodies after you’ve made it! What’s not to like?!?! I’ve got a couple of cookie and muffin recipes that you can find here. It’s really simple and fun to make. Did I mention you get to gobble it all up later? 😋

Listening to Music


“Music in, world out”

I can’t suggest a music genre that will definitely help soothe the mind because it all depends on your mood! For example, if if i’m feeling sad or tired, i listen to happy/ upbeat music like Sia! If I feel stressed, I listen to some classical music! Trust me, music helps.

Dear Diary,


I know my sister keeps a secret diary (well it’s not so secret anymore) and writes or shall I say rants in it when she needs to get something off her chest. This is an excellent way to keep everything to yourself while not bottling everything up inside and then exploding later on! Also, it’s a great way to improve your writing skills!

Breathing Exercises


What? Yep you heard me! When i’m nervous or anxious about something, I like to do some breathing exercises. Here is a proven way to soothe the soul:

  1. Breathe in through the nose for 4
  2. Hold for 7
  3. Exhale with your mouth for 8

It’s also great for sleepless nights!



But eat the right foods! Foods like bananas, berries, salmon, apple or green tea are known as “happy foods”. Try to incorporate them into at least one of your meals a day to keep those happy hormones at bay! But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in a while… (look at my next one)



I’m not really much of an emotional eater but if somethings on my mind, I like to dig into a cup of ice-cream or yogurt/ sorbet for a healthier choice to get my mind off it! Dark chocolate is apparently “healthy chocolate”. According to research, dark chocolate contains antioxidants and reduces cortisol, a hormone that causes stress. Go coco over choco!



I absolutely love reading. I prefer a physical book over the kindles or e-books. I love the feeling of holding a book and turning the pages and the smell of the pages. It might be hard to get into the first couple of pages of a book but once you’re in, YOU’RE IN! and you won’t be able to put it down!

A perfect way of escaping reality!



Perform some stretches to loosen up tense muscles! My go to stretch is the downward dog! All you have to do is get on all 4’s and push yourself up so that both arms and legs are straight. You should feel this everywhere!



Get out and spend some time with friends! Grab a cup of coffee or breakfast or brunch for lunch! No one does breakfast anymore but it’d be pretty cool to have breakfast with friends!

Treat Yo Self


Ain’t no harm in treating yourself! Especially if you’ve been restrictive your whole life! Go out and so some shopping; get your hair done; get your nails done; get a massage; take a bubble bath and just lie there til you become a prune! Just treat yourself! trust me, you’ll feel 10000% better.

Whatever it is, just remember this:

“A bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life”



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