Wise Wicked Wednesday

“Life takes us to unexpected places. The future is never set in stone.”

This quote basically sums up the past week for me.

So last Wednesday, the Australian universities offer came out. I was 1000% sure I was going to get an offer at this particular university (let’s call it University A), because I made it above the cut off point. What could go wrong?

7 am.

*refreshes email*

715 am *refreshes email*

720 am *refreshes email*

730 am *refreshes email*

Ok maybe i just need to give it a break. So I went out for a walk just to get my mind off things.

830 am *refreshes email*

845 am *refreshes email*

omg what’s happening! I was freaking out!! I texted my friend and she said she’s already got an offer! That’s when I got even more anxious. 

Did I apply right? Did my application even go through? Did the cut off point change? I don’t know.

Well I guess I have another 2 and a bit more hours before the offers would’ve stopped rolling out.

Nope. Nothing from University A. But I did get something from another university. A university I wasn’t too interested in. I was absolutely devastated. Am I reading it right? It wasn’t meant to be this way! 

I refreshed the page. Yep. I definitely did read it right. Not what I expected. But at least I got something… right? 

Fast forward to the next day, I probably should also mention that I applied to the U.K. as well. I woke up and checked my email. The updates came in.

I scrolled. Then something caught my eye.

Hands shaking.

Fingers cold.

Heart racing.

I clicked on the email.

Loading… loading… loading… Dang it slow internet!! 

Then BAM! There it was. I got an offer from a University I never thought i’d get an offer from. 

A huge grin grew on my face. I was ecstatic. What a way to start off the day after a kinda crappy one!

The takeaway: I guess what i’m trying to say is that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is set in stone. Things change. Some change for the good. Some may change for the worse. Just remember, it’s not the end of the world. There will always be something better coming for you. Don’t get disappointed. Be patient. You never know what the world or what life has in store for you my loves. It’ll all work out. Trust me.





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